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Mercury Audio Player 1.21

Mercury Audio Player is a software multimedia virtual audio player program
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The Mercury Audio Player is a software multimedia virtual audio player program with the ability to play both audio and video.
Users are presented with a smart, black interface that is simple and intuitive with a wizard style menu. Mercury Audio Player supports freeform skins so that users can have the look of player that they would prefer. They can even learn how to make their own skin for uniqueness. The program does everything required from an audio player, and more, yet it only takes up less than half a megabyte on a computer’s hard disk drive.

Mercury Audio Player features a fast playlist editor, integrated vde playback, and a precisely accurate waveform spectrum analyzer. The interface features one options menu on the left hand side of the application for ease of use, offering small menus for file association. Five buttons offer the menu selection. The selection choice offered is: Mercury playlist, Mercury Video, Keyboard Settings, Stream Ripping and Mercury Skins. Clicking any of these buttons brings a relevant sub menu to the interface window. The program supports Shoutcast compatible streaming audio, mp3s, wmas, wavs, CDAudio, midis, and more, as well as background keyboard support enabling users to play game while they listen to music.

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